I affectionately call the young leaders, whom I have the honor of training, TLT – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. 

TLT – noun 1. young adults who DEVELOP their strengths, LEAD as servants and SERVE with purpose.

Boy, do we need more of those in the world!  That is precisely why I have carefully created the iDENTIFY IMPACT curriculum and week-long intensive. I have a deep desire to see young adults discover their true identity and live with purpose at a young age. There is no doubt that an opportunity for training and mentorship like this as a teen or during college would have been life-changing.

Younger generations need to know that they are eagles, born for greatness. Being put up to big things and not left to low expectations is critical for young adults now more than ever. Another big-ticket item when raising the next generation is character development and personal growth in all aspects of their lives.

In a world where social and emotional maturity is sorely lacking, iDENTIFY IMPACT results speak for themselves:

Increased feelings of: Purpose 85%, Identity 78%, Faith 67%, Self-confidence 67%, Self-worth 55%
Increased ability to be: Vulnerable and Authentic 83%, Develop Deep Friendships 68%, Act as a Serving Leader 35%
Decreased feelings of: Loneliness 58%, Depression 55%, Anger 55%, Anxiety 53%, Unforgiveness 50%, Resistance 41%

iDENTIFY guest trainer Kelly Merbler, of the John Maxwell leadership team, commented on the quick response of the TLT, “I don’t see these types of responses in the high-level corporate training world.”

Each day, of the week-long experience, builds upon the next. Interactive workshops, paradigm-shifting sessions, and experiential activities go into a carefully designed curriculum focused on equipping students in a variety of areas such as: discovering their identity and purpose; learning critical life skills; communication techniques; team building; conflict resolution, goal achievement, and more. We intentionally create a safe zone, which allows massive paradigm shifts to take place in a short period of time. The IMPACT Team, made up of facilitators, support staff, and mentors, lovingly provokes students to “Do Hard Things” by taking an honest SELF-assessment at the way they show up in life.

Often, experienced TLT Alumni will lead an IMPACT session such as teaching the personality types, love languages, time management, etc. It is impressive to see young leaders having fun while engaging in personal development and serving leadership projects. TLT candidates often step out as fundraising leaders who utilize our scholarship assistance program for themselves and others.

No matter where TLT travel from, they are quickly an integral part of the iDENTIFY family that forms. Multiple states in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico are some of the places candidates have traveled from. We so appreciate grandparents that see the importance of their grandchildren being trained at iDENTIFY IMPACT.  Auntie of K’Trina from Atlanta shared, “My niece was very hesitant about coming, not knowing anyone or what to expect. But after having participated, she is eager to return again next year. It’s been a life-changing and transformational week for her and for us to see the changes in her. We’re very excited.”

We all know young adults who could benefit from the iDENTIFY IMPACT training, which far-reaching impact on their future. ENROLL the young adults in your life to become equipped as Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, confident in their God-given identity and living with purpose.