April 2018 iDENTIFY Impact Event

Elev8Life educatonal foundaton takes teens seriously!! Our iDENTIFY Impact monthly events are designed to give teens an opportunity to attend an event with a purpose. We call teens "TLT" for being Tomorrow's Leaders Today! Our monthly events are planed and put on by the TLT teen leadership team. The teen leaders spend time designing events [...]

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“A Little Time Goes A Long Way” BLOG

Do you ever feel like your child is doing something behind your back, or watching something you’ve told them not to? How can you deal with this, and yet, as parents, still not appear overbearing or too controlling? I grew up in an environment in which family meetings were big, and they still are! [...]

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“broken” BLOG

Is your teen struggling with depression or anxiety? Are you both feeling helpless and not sure what to do?  Six Tips to Help You Navigate Uncharted Waters Hello, my name is Camille Adames and I am the President of Tomorrow's Leaders Today (TLT).  My path to presidency was not an easy one. From eighth to [...]

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Are Millennials Getting a Bum Rap?

If you’re ever tuned into today’s media, you’ve probably heard the slights and digs about “The Millennials.” Let’s just go ahead and admit it; some of it is rather funny. Who are these Millennials? I am sure many of these 13-35 years olds, who make up this largest living generation in the US, would [...]

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