Present Yourself to the World as the Leader You are!

Tomorrow’s Leaders train for excellence in what they DO, SAY, & WEAR.


  • Clean & Encouraging Communication

  • Relationships that are respectful, platonic & pure (emotionally & physically)

  • “CAN DO” Attitudes

  • Time Commitments “Early is ON TIME”

  • Preparation for Success

  • TEAM Spirit

Behavior & Treatment of Others:

We uphold a culture of safety and honor at all times and in all places during iDENTIFY, which includes RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR as it relates to:

Yourself / Other Students / Mentors / Support Staff / Facilitators / Guest Speakers / Hotel Property / Hotel Employees / Other Hotel Guests


Parents and students, please note that iDENTIFY IMPACT maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for students who choose to bring the following items or participate in the following practices:

  • Leaving premises without the supervision of a mentor for any reason
  • Foul language /cursing /blatant verbal disrespect /bullying /critical name-calling
  • Physical violence of any type (pushing, shoving, hitting, etc.)
  • Distractions from clothing choices which reveal chest/cleavage, waist/stomach area/upper hips, or upper portion of the thigh
  • Romantic /flirtatious/ sexual activity  NOTE: previous relationships should be non-physical during iDENTIFY
  • Electronics (best to leave at home: apple watches, tablets, laptops, gaming devices)
  • Drinking / Drugs / Smoking of any kind (includes vaping)
  • Pornography or any other inappropriate viewing or reading materials
  • Items that can inflict harm or cause accidents (weapons, matches, lighters)
  • Stealing
  • Property damage

Should a student decide to not comply, the parent will be alerted and a plan of action will be determined.