We are sooo passionate about young adults stepping into the greatness inside of them and experiencing iDENTIFY IMPACT Camp 2019 that we have removed any possibility of thinking, “I don’t have the money.”

Camp participants, students and mentors, have completely covered their tuition without using a single penny of their own!

STEPS to Start Your Funding Today…

STEP #1 – Register for Camp iDENTIFY HERE

STEP #2 РCreate your funding page HERE

STEP #3 – Click on & Print flyer below

STEP #4 – Start Sharing with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, everyone!

Campaign Details:

  • iDENTIFY IMPACT Camp participants are eligible to utilize the raffle campaign funding assistance program until midnight June 30th
  • Each participant's raffle account will be directly applied to their camp tuition balance
  • Raffle tickets are digital, which makes sharing the link easy to share with donations received online link as well as can be presented to people in a face-to-face manner with printable PDF flyer