DRESS CODE – why we “Dress For Success”

Average teens are underestimated & rarely taken seriously!

iDENTIFY Impact is determined to change that and you can help.  iDENTIFY works hard to help you step into the GREATNESS inside of you.  We have intentionally created a unique and safe environment for you to be the “real you” while building respectful relationships.  A key part of this plan is to eliminate distractions from clothing.


Cooperation throughout the week of camp will allow you and your fellow students to enjoy all that the iDENTIFY experience has to offer!

STUDENTS, as you pack, we ask that you embrace the Dress for Success guidelines since it is an important aspect of your Camp iDENTIFY experience.



DO NOT BRING: cut up muscle tank, spaghetti strap top without a cover layer, sheer, skin tight, reveals cleavage (when standing or bending over) or reveals your stomach (especially when arms are raised)


DO NOT BRING: any clothing with holes or rips above the knee or pants that are skin tight, or look painted on like yoga pants or leggings *EXCEPT if worn with a shirt that is finger tip length


DO NOT BRING: skin tight, ripped or shorter than the tip of your fingers (gauge with arms by your sides & shoulders lowered)

  • SWIMWEARGuys’ & Girls’ standards are the same?


 Girls: MUST COVER cleavage, stomach and rear with board short, swim skirt style swimwear or long t-shirt

Guys: MUST COVER chest & stomach with a tank top or swim shirt worn with bathing suit

*NOTE: Camp iDENTIFY staff have the authority and responsibility to require any student, who chooses to dress in a way that challenges the “Dress For Success” guidelines, to change immediately.  Should the student choose to not pack the proper attire, clothing alternates will be provided & reimbursement will be required.