If you’re ever tuned into today’s media, you’ve probably heard the slights and digs about “The Millennials.” Let’s just go ahead and admit it; some of it is rather funny. Who are these Millennials? I am sure many of these 13-35 years olds, who make up this largest living generation in the US, would even LOL as well.

So, what’s the bum rap? I’d say it’s the misconception that they don’t care, when in fact, they care deeply. They care about equality, justice, each other, the planet, and leaving their world a better place. If they do care so deeply, why this dishonorable talk, false accusations, and trumped-up charges toward an entire generation? Perhaps it’s the social media lifestyle of spending too much time engaging on Instagram rather than out in the real world they wish to change. Is the root problem the fact that many Millennials have been parented and discipled by the virtual world rather than by God’s Word?

When anyone, from any generation, spends more time on Facebook than face-to-face, more time on Snap Chat than chatting side-by-side, more time Tweeting than checking out the birds, and more time sharing Instagram photos than creating real-life memories from personal encounters, then there is a dangerous disconnect from reality and more so from God. It’s precisely this disconnect which inspired me to write the thought-provoking creative coffee-table book, Reset: A Poetic Manifesto for the Digital Age, with sentiments such as…

“Our status, you see, is not of this world
and our updates must reflect
the creation I am becoming
as He searches me
off the internet.”

Is the Millennial generation to blame? Or, is it a classic case of good intentions with no directions? In one sense, all of us, including Millennials, must take personal responsibility for our habits and actions. Are you a parent who has become distracted by technology and have let it parent your children? In any case, it’s clear that this generation has hearts pricked to impact the world. Millennials want to do great things and make a lasting impact. They just need to be equipped. Nashville recording artist Brooke DeLeary, of LoveCollide, shares, “My generation is desperate for change that is real. Once they’ve tasted it, they get addicted. A relationship with Jesus Christ is the most real, authentic thing anyone can have. I believe a revival will come from the hunger of this generation.”

Could there be a desire to make a difference without the skills and mentoring needed to make it happen? That is precisely the question that Elev8Life Educational Foundation has purposed to answer & solve! Its Founder and President Dr. Andrea Hazim, has a passion to see people discover their God-given identity and walk in their unique Kingdom purpose.

Elev8Life is an advocacy and equipping ministry inspiring individuals to rise above today’s common culture of average. Its flagship program is the 7-day iDENTIFY IMPACT summer leadership intensive for young adults. iDENTIFY focuses on personal development and life stewardship with a particular emphasis on cultivating each person’s natural leadership abilities.
I was a delighted to meet iDENTIFY students to discover how they are being equipped to become a force for good, and more importantly a force for God. Grace Caster from Texas commented, “I would encourage every young person to better themselves by getting involved with Elev8Life’s life changing programs. At iDENTIFY, I learned so much about the importance of being a leader among my friends, in my community, and in business.”

Young Millennial leaders like Grace will become the up-and-coming entrepreneurs of the future. Have you noticed how many are connecting their for-profit businesses to non-profit social causes? The hashtag #socent belongs to these social entrepreneurs. Programs like iDENTIFY IMPACT create leaders that think in terms of using their success and wealth through the vehicle of socially responsible businesses, conscientious of human and environmental needs.

Dr. Hazim is passionate about creating such leaders by inspiring the Millennial generation to become “TLT” aka Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, who rise above the low expectations of “average”, live with excellence and reaching their full potential. Elev8Life is equipping TLT through transformative personal development programs and educational resources.

It is a blessing to learn about an organization so committed to providing uplifting programs and events such as iDENTIFY IMPACT! They have also made an impact by supporting other organization’s visions as they have with Big Children’s Foundation, Daring Daughters #LetYourWriteShine retreats, as well as leading service teams at Leadercast and Hepzibah House.

Dr. Andrea is proud to say, “We are training young adults TODAY to be the Leaders of TOMORROW. Seeing young adults discover their identity and purpose is the fruit. They will have the courage and confidence to step into whatever God calls them to in a BIG way!” iDENTIFY’s IMPACT is a huge resource for families and young adults. The 7-day transformational experience is held annually toward the end of July.

Learn more and enroll your young adults at iDENTIFYimpact.com.

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