How can we be so confident to say that iDENTIFY is unlike any other teen-camp?

Well, in this 7-day/6-night fun-filled life-makeover, it matters not if a teen seems to “have it all together” or “has no apparent direction.” The iDENTIFY IMPACT serving leadership and character development experience makes a positive and lasting impact on every participant. We waste no time in helping our students realize who they are and how perfectly crafted, unique and amazing they are. Students will literally experience the greatness deep within themselves as they learn to express their vast potential for excellence, affecting their own lives as well as the world around them.

How many adults have spent years wandering aimlessly, never finding true fulfillment, because they have never been trained to tap into their God-given purpose?

There is no better time to cultivate the seeds of greatness than in the energy and vitality of youth. Teens typically use common culture to define themselves and fall prey to constant comparison with others. Our desire is to strengthen teens into Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, capable of tapping into their full potential.

During the week at camp…

activities and environments have been created to energize, activate, and keep each participant focused and engaged. In addition to hands-on experiential life skills training in areas such as identity, vision, purpose, leadership, character development, and service; special care is also given to enhance the iDENTIFY  IMPACT curriculum by including special speakers, challenge ropes course, and the “Love, Marriage & More” show, which highlights the wisdom of amazing mentors in their 20s, whose excellence is contagious.

What some parents are saying…