What do we mean by iStand? It means to stand in your identity. We are living in an era when from the youngest to the oldest in our society, we have lost a sense of who we truly are. We have become disconnected from the source of life and as a result have lost sight of what makes each one of us so uniquely special. Time to contemplate and consider who we are deep inside, and for what special purpose we were created at this particular time in history, is a hallmark of the iStand section of camp.

Each young student must embrace the TRUTH that they were created for “such a time as this.” In a world where both youth and adults alike compete with their peers for significance, it’s time to encounter how, as an individual, you are an original and that the only competition is low expectations of yourself. You were created for great things and iStand exercises will demonstrate how to tap into what those are and how to design your life around your calling. It’s time for this generation to embrace their personal power to change the world. You can do this!