iDENTIFY IMPACT 2022, July 17-23, is a program of the Elev8Life educational foundation.

iDENTIFY Impact’s life-changing experiential curriculum is led by an excellent team of Faculty and Mentors, with a dedicated Support Staff. The program is enhanced by incredible Guest Speakers & Facilitators.

Hands-on training activities including:

  • Character Development, Integrity & Honor
  • Life Skills for Social & Emotional Wellness
  • Communication Tools, Personality Types and Love Languages
  • Purity, Modesty and Relationships
  • Finding Purpose, Creating Vision
  • Team building / Conflict resolution
  • Money matters and Entrepreneurism
  • Contribution and Serving Leadership
  • Soooo much more

Special Events including:

  • Evening Special Events and Features
  • Elev8Life “Impact Luncheon” for Parents
  • Student Completion Ceremony with Parents and Sponsors

iDENTIFY Impact considers participants’ enrollment an honor, privilege,  and responsibility, which we take very seriously.  At the core of everything that takes place is a caring and supporting team of servant leaders, who encourage personal growth in every student, while creating an unforgettable life-changing summer experience.

As you can imagine, it takes many hands and hearts to make this 7-day / 6-night leadership experience come to life! Each member of our team is committed to creating and maintaining an enriching leadership encounter.

Students will enjoy interacting with the gifted mentors and staff, who are called to participate in training Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. Excited about what they do, mentors and staff provide a safe and fun environment for each participant to flourish. Most importantly, our team is comprised of exceptional role-models, who set examples of how to Stand, Lead & Serve, while having fun living a life of excellence!