A Little Time Goes A Long Way

  Do you ever feel like your child is doing something behind your back, or watching something you’ve told them not to? How can you deal with this, and yet, as parents, still not appear overbearing or too controlling? I grew up in an environment in which family meetings were big, and they still [...]

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Communication Transformation / iDENTIFY.Impact

As a parent, do you find yourself feeling like… “My teenager would rather talk to anyone but me.” “Why does my son or daughter value their friends’ opinions over mine?” Mom or dad, if this is you, lean in and read this short expose. My hope is that you will apply my top four tips [...]

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Raising Thermostats / iDENTIFY.Impact

One of the best one-liners about friendship I’ve heard is - “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” As teenagers, our friends are our number one influencers. (Sorry, parents!) In these years of discovering our identity and defining our morals, friends play a huge role in the people we [...]

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