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Funding Assistance Opportunity

We are sooo passionate about young adults stepping into the greatness inside of them and experiencing Camp iDENTIFY that we have removed the “I don’t have the money” thoughts!!

Camp participants have completely covered their tuition without using a single penny of their own!

Campaign Details:

  • Camp iDENTIFY participants are eligible to promote scholarship raffle & will receive credit applied directly to Camp iDENTIFY tuition balance
  • Enough Raffle Tickets are digital and easily shared face-to-face or remotely through the internet

STEPS to Start Your Funding Today…

STEP #1 – Register for Camp iDENTIFY HERE

STEP #2 – Create your funding page HERE  with a PERSONAL campaign link by clicking the blue PARTICIPANT CENTER button

STEP #3 – Share campaign link with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, everyone!! Use personal or this group link:

3 PRIZES: Details Here